This privacy statement applies to the website of:

AMUSF Association of Marine Underwriters of San Francisco
 P.O. Box 194623,
San Francisco, CA 94119-4623

We respect your privacy. This is why we have taken the time to disclose our information collection practices and our privacy policy. Please take the time to review this document.

We collect information for the following purpose(s):

  • AMUSF may request and/or collect information from you on a voluntary basis when you: register for an event. The requested information may include personal information such as your IP address, name, e-mail address, telephone number, home address and business address.

  • Individuals may make changes to personal information submitted for an event registration by contacting AMUSF at the address above and requesting a change. AMUSF will take reasonable efforts to implement any changes requested.

Who has access to the information we collect?

Our third-party service providers also have access to the information that we collect, but this access is limited.  AMUSF employs third-party service providers to perform functions on our behalf.  A list of these is below.

  1. Event registration excluding credit card payment processing is handled by an online form processor, Visitors who complete registration forms on the AMUSF web site are entering their personal information into an online form hosted on a secure server managed by Formsite. Formsite does not access, view, sell, share, rent, or trade any information collected by customer forms for any purposes other than those that directly support form processing including customer support, fraud prevention, or other maintenance activities, or as may be required by law.

  2. All credit card payment processing for event registrations is done via PayPal. Billing information including credit card number, credit card billing address, and expiration date is submitted to Paypal. This means no personal payment data (like credit card information) is stored on the AMUSF web site server.

These third-party service providers may not use your personal information for any other purposes, including marketing.  Information is shared with our partners who share our privacy policy. In addition, before AMUSF engages any third-party service provider, AMUSF confirms that the provider has a reasonable privacy policy in place to protect your information.

How long is information kept?

AMUSF only collects, retains and uses personal information where we believe it is essential to host events, and provide an exchange of voluntarily supplied industry-related information among our members, and other purposes intended to promote the mission of our organization and the interests of our members. We will take appropriate reasonable steps to ensure the security and integrity and timely and proper disposal of any personal information collected until it is discarded when no longer needed.

Changes to the policy

AMUSF may revise this policy.  AMUSF will provide you with notice of any change to this policy by posting it our website one week before AMUSF implements the change to notify you of these changes.

If you believe that our website has collected incorrect information or if you would like to dispute any information, please contact us using the address at the top of this page.